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Hadiuzzaman Palak

Hadiuzzaman Palak is an IT business entrepreneur in Bangladesh. He is the founder of Xotil.com & Monoputo. He joined as editor of the newly published online news portal Priyo Kagoj. Hadiuzzaman Palak was born in Jessore. After completing his studies at Manirampur Government High School and Cantonment College, Jessore, he studied Geology & Mining at the University of Rajshahi.

The corporate office of Xotil.com & Monoputo

Hadiuzzaman Palak, Founder & CEO of Monoputo IT

After completing his education, he joined several research firms including Research Evaluation Associates for Development (READ), Windmill, Charuneer, etc. He is also working as an invigilator of the British Council Bangladesh. In 2014, He founded Xotil.com is known as a reputed E-commerce site in Bangladesh. He is also known as a business consultant & digital content specialist in Bangladesh. He is also working with Investment opportunities and entrepreneurship development. He was awarded from the Islamic Foundation for reciting the Quran, Azan & Essay Contest in the years 1998, 1999 & 2000. He completed an introductory course on Bible from “SOON England” and placed 3rd in the world in 2001. He was also awarded by writing his excellent article on “Importance of Zatka reservation for developing Hilsa Fish Resources (ইলিশ সম্পদ উন্নয়নে জাটকা সংরক্ষণের গুরুত্ব)” from Bangladesh Fisheries Development Corporation under the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock in 2008. His two articles on Agriculture were published on Jonovassho by Channel i (Vol 1 & 2) in 2007 & 2008. He was the keynote speaker of’ Corporate Carnival-2019 organized by the Business club, Noakhali Science and Technology University. He was awarded for an article published on the souvenir titled “আমরা করবো জয়” organized by CTTC, Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP). He is known as a popular Social Media activist and writer as well. He is an honorary member of Bangladesh Thalassaemia Samity Hospital (BTSH) since 2017. He is also working for Men's rights in Bangladesh. He is the convener of Dhaka District of the Government registered Organization named AID FOR MEN FOUNDATION

Hadiuzzaman Palak is with BTSH Team


He has an only son named Arish Arsham, who is 06 Years old. 

Arish Arsham visited Kuakata Sea beach in March 2021.

Arish Arsham visited Bangabandhu Vashoman Setu at Manirampur

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